The Quilt Scout

by Mary Fons

The Trunk Show To End All Trunk Shows - Part two

Column #100



The only thing left to do, I think, is to give some advice.


Perhaps you are suspicious of advice when it’s unsolicited. You should be. But this is a special circumstance. For one thing, this is my last column. That makes it sort of dramatic. What “last words” will the Scout want to share before she shuts off the lights and locks up? This could be juicy.


The other reason I feel okay doling out specific, unsolicited advice is because I did it last month in Toronto during my last/best trunk show and it went okay. In fact, I’ve decided I really like doling out specific, unsolicited advice! (Maybe it’s good this is my last column.)


Here is the advice I’d like to share with you, quilters. This comes after five years of writing the Scout, 11 years of quiltmaking, a decade in the industry, and a whole lot of life spent around quilts.

Use the fabric you’re “saving.”