Quilt Festival Show Rules

  1. We do not page for lost parties. Please arrange ahead of time to meet at a specific time or place if you are separated during the show.
  2. Do not touch the quilts or textile art on display.
  3. No food or drink is allowed in the exhibit hall outside the food service area.
  4. For their safety, children must be attended by an adult at all times.
  5. Lost & Found for the show floor will be at Information Booth. Lost and Found for classrooms will be in the Education Office.
  6. Quilts, Inc. reserves the right to refuse or revoke enrollment to anyone designated by a faculty or staff member as someone who acts inappropriately in a disruptive way. Quilts, Inc's mission is to provide a healthy learning environment for our students and a pleasant, professional working environment for our faculty and staff.
  7. Firearms, weapons, and explosive devices are absolutely prohibited in any area of the convention center under the direction of Quilts, Inc. This includes (but is not limited to) the show floor, exhibit hall, classrooms, meeting rooms, and food areas. Show management reserves the right to ask anyone with these items to remove them or leave the premises.

Important note about rolling totes/luggage

Due to safety and security concerns, Festival attendees are not allowed to bring rolling totes, luggage, carts, or suitcases on the show floor.


  • Do not photograph an exhibitor’s booth without their permission, since items may be proprietary.
  • Photos taken at Festival are not to be used for any commercial purpose or posted on any website which permits images to be used on items such as T-shirts, mugs, note cards, etc. If you post pictures to your account on a “photo-sharing” website, you must also disable any function that would allow ordering the images on any goods.
  • You must include an artist credit and note that the photos were taken at International Quilt Festival. This helps us protect the rights of quiltmakers.
  • Some exhibits prohibit any photography. Please refer to signage by the exhibit or the floor plan in the center of the show program.