Staff Directory

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The fax number for the office is 713-781-8182.


Corporate Projects

Ann Graf

Administration Assistant & Tour Groups

713-781-6864, ext. 100

Wilma Hart

Vice President of Corporate Projects

713-781-6864, ext. 103

Show Operations

Ruth Polanco

Vice President of Shows and Show Director

713-781-6864, ext. 112

Rose Reyes

Director of Exhibitor Services

713-781-6864, ext. 125

Marvin Paz

Administration/Show Operations Assistant

713-781-6864, ext. 107

Chrissy Cozzi

Show Operations Assistant

713-781-6864, ext. 109


Suzanne Hyland

Director of Education and Industry Relations

Jill Benge

Education Manager

713-781-6864, ext. 124

Barbara Cline

Education Assistant

713-781-6864, ext. 122

Special Exhibits

Teresa Duggan

Vice President of Resource Development

713-781-6864, ext. 102

Becky Navarro

Manager of Special Exhibits

713-781-6864, ext. 105

Publications & Public Information

Christa Parker

Special Exhibits Assistant


Bob Ruggiero

Vice President of Communications

713-781-6864, ext. 116

Rhianna Griffin

Director of New Media

713-781-6864, ext. 117

Class enrollment/Market credentials

Special Projects

Vicki Mangum

Special Projects

713-781-6864, ext. 106

Working at the shows/volunteering

BUSINESS Assistant to the President

Assistant to the Executive Vice President

Crystal Battarbee

IQA Coordinator

713-781-6864, ext. 123