Kansas City Quilt Market
Business Seminar Presenters

Patricia Belyea

#401 The Business of Delight

Kay Campbell

#420 Let's Meet—Promote Your Business Through Face-To-Face Meetings and Events

Patrick Claytor

#400 Is Fulfillment Right for Your Business?

Pepper Cory

#100 The Power of Three-A Blueprint for Success from a Trio of Experienced Quilt Professionals

Cathy McKillip

Janice Pope

Jill Finley

#201 Showing Them How—Increase YOUR Sales and THEIR Interest!

Ebony Love

#421 Using Facebook Groups for Fun and Profit

#500 Delegation is Not a 4-Letter Word


Teri Lucas

#501 Seven Tips for Cultivating Great Staff


Donelle McAdams

#320 There is Money to be Made with Template Quilt Events


RaNae Merrill

#211 Self-Publishing 101

#301 InDesign—10 Basic Skills for Beginners



Marti Michell

#321 Class, Demo, and Display Ideas to Help You Sell MORE than Fabric


James Pieper

#200 The Five Ways to Grow Your Business

#210 E-mail Automation For Quilt Stores



Christa Watson

#300 "Sew"lebrity Culture—Make it Work for You!