Any bios were provided by the instructor and may have been edited for length and/or clarity.

Charlotte Angotti

Quilt Maker’s Studio

Pepper Cory

StudioE Fabrics

November 4, 9-10 am

Raised in a military family, educated in the fine arts and now a traveling quilt teacher, Angotti has a well-rounded background. While she owned a quilt shop for 18 years she has been traveling around teaching even longer. She is married and living in Louisiana with dogs, cats, donkeys, and loads of fabric.

November 5, 8-9 am

A longtime teacher, designer, and survivor in the quilt industry, Pepper realizes that knowledge comes through experience and is best presented with humor. She filmed a video for Craftsy (“Scrap Quilting-Waste Not, Want Not”) and Annie’s (“Learn to Hand Quilt”). Her fabric line, Peppered Cottons by StudioE Fabrics, is going on year four. Former shop owner, author of seven books, winner of the Jewel Pearce Patterson Award, and past president of the International Quilt Association, she's done it all in the quilt industry...including some really dumb things.

Morna McEver Golletz

International Association of Creative Arts Professionals

November 3, 6-8 pm

Morna McEver Golletz is the CEO/Founder of the International Association of Creative Arts Professionals and the annual three-day Creative Arts Business Summit, where creative entrepreneurs work on their businesses, not just in their businesses. She has worked with thousands of quilters, fiber- and mixed-media artists, shop owners, and other creative entrepreneurs to help them craft business success from their passions. She's a native of Washington, DC, and makes her home in Maryland.

Georgina Lewis

Shazzam Media, Inc.

November 3, 9-10 am

Georgina Lewis is an accomplished marketing executive with a passion for developing and implementing innovative marketing solutions that drive profitable and scalable growth. She is recognized Social Media Keynote and guest speaker to business groups on "How to Develop and Grow Your Brand on Social Platforms." She has extensive experience formulating strategies that give new life to traditional marketing campaigns by amplifying through digital marketing channels.

Ebony Love

Lovebug Studios

November 3, 6-7 pm

November 4, 6-7 pm

Ebony Love is an award-winning author, quilter, and expert in fabric die-cutting techniques. She has published more than eight books independently, and uses social media and content platforms to build an engaged community of quilters who are eager to participate in her online and offline events. Using her engineering degrees from Columbia and Purdue University, Ebony has spent the last 15 years building expertise in the areas of technology and marketing, and applying that expertise to help small businesses (including her own) thrive and grow. She works from her public studio in Northern Illinois.

Linda McGehee


November 2, 6-7 pm

Having acquired an interest in sewing at a very early age, Linda has been teaching a variety of sewing techniques through her business, Ghee's, for 38 years. Very much a machinist, Linda likes to show her students how easy it is to acquire professional results when you know the proper techniques. She has designed numerous handbag and garment patterns. Her award-winning books make stitching easy and fun. She travels the globe teaching at stores, guilds, and conventions, as well as making TV appearances.

Bob Negen

Whizbang! Retail Training

November 1, 9 am-4 pm

November 2, 8-10 am

Bob Negen founded the Mackinaw Kite Co., a small chain of specialty toy and kite stores, in 1981 when he was only 23 years old. It didn't take long for him to realize that his passion for his product wasn't paying the bills and he then spent the next 20 years learning how to make money in retail. In 1999, he and his wife Susan founded WhizBang! Retail Training to help independents thrive in today's super-competitive market. He is a well-known speaker, author, and has worked with hundreds of quilt shop owners.

James Pieper

Sew Much Commerce

November 3, 8-10 am

November 5, 8-10 am

James Pieper is the founder of Sew Much Commerce, a Digital Agency and Software as a Service company that helps innovative businesses the sewing, quilting, and fabric Industries succeed online. From an early age, James has been a maker. While finishing his degree in Management Information Systems, he got the bug for programming, and started building Health and Safety Apps for the Oil & Gas Industry. After he built his first quilt store, he doubled the business in a matter of months.

Sean Roylance

Like Sew

November 2, 9-10 am

November 4, 7-8 pm

Sean Roylance is the President of Like Sew. Previously, he was the VP of Marketing at Infiniti Corporation after working as the VP of Development at Podango. Sean has a degree in Computer Science from BYU, 20 years of internet development experience, and over 15 years of internet marketing experience.  To date, Sean has worked with over 2,500 businesses to help them improve their online presence and performance. Like Sew specializes in providing a seamless website & point-of-sale solution for quilt shops and other specialty retailers.

Cheryl Sleboda

Muppin, Inc.

November 4, 8-10 am

Cheryl Sleboda teaches niche businesses how to grow through technology. Cheryl is formerly a 20-year executive of a specialty market retail industry, with a strong background in distribution and retail, business consultation, and extensive social media experience. Cheryl has started a new business focused on sewing and cosplayers, to get them into independent sewing stores. She now manages her two businesses full time.  She is also an award-winning art quilter who also speaks and teaches around the country.