Prospective Exhibitors

We are always interested in new exhibitors and their products.


To maintain the high standards set for the Quilt Festival,
we require the following from prospective exhibitors:


  • A letter from you indicating the quilt show/s you are interested in, and that your company has been producing or selling its product lines for one year or more;
  • A recommendation letter from a business associate in the industry; and
  • Product samples or photo/s of the items to be sold at the Festival, such as a catalogue, a sample pattern, or other substantiation of the line of products to be cleared by the Festival Screening Committee. Keep in mind that we are a textile-related show and we require that at least 75% of the merchandise you bring to Festival be related to this theme.


Please only submit items that do not need to be returned.




Please submit your request letter
and other requirements to:


Quilt Festival Screening Committee

7660 Woodway Dr., Ste. 550

Houston, TX 77063


We will notify you of the action taken by the Screening Committee through letter, fax, or email.


If your company has been accepted as a new exhibitor, you will also receive a contract of the Festival following your acceptance. The contract packet contains information on booth types and prices. It is our company policy to release booth pricing information only after you have passed the screening process.