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Quilt Festival and Quilt Scout Mary Fons to collaborate on Scrap Quilt exhibit for Chicago show


We are excited to partner with quilting personality Mary Fons for a brand new exhibit debuting at the 2017 Quilt Festival in Chicago, April 6-8.


“Beauty in Pieces: Scrap Quilts for the 21st Century” will feature an array of contemporary-made scrap quilts juried by Fons, a noted scrap quilt maker and enthusiast.


As she writes, “surprising combinations, refreshed perspectives, riots or color, and attendant pattern adaptations mean scrap quilts are always one of a kind—just like the quilters who make them.”


Quilters may submit up to two works for consideration. Quilts must be a minimum of 60 inches wide and no more than 86 inches in length, and made between January 2014 and January 2017.




Media contact: For visuals or to schedule an interview, please contact Bob Ruggiero,
Director of Public Information, at or call 713-781-6864, ext. 116