Media Credential Guidelines

Revised February 2017


International Quilt Market offers Media Credentials to working members of the press who are attending the show and actively covering the event and its exhibitors, products, educational offerings, and the industry. We also maintain a Press Room on-site for use of accredited media members only.

Accredited media will receive a name badge with a Media Ribbon, to be picked up on-site in the Press Room. NOTE: If are you are also attending Market to conduct business or promotion for yourself or your company, you will need to also enroll for standard Market credentials and wear the media ribbon only when you are working in a media capacity.

If you have been previously approved for Media Credentials and are still with the same employer, you will automatically receive a packet to register for each Market. If this is your first time, please see requirements below.


Magazine writers and editors

  • Provide a copy of publication masthead with your name and title and /or copy of a
    previously published article.
  • Freelance or contract writers must present a letter of assignment from an editor.


Online media

  • Credentials are open to editors/writers of websites and blogs that actively cover and report on the quilting and craft industry. You must first be approved by our Director of Publications prior to receiving a media badge.

Only online media planning coverage of Market and its associated activities will be considered. Websites that are used primarily for commercial purposes and selling product, with little or no editorial coverage, associated with a local guild or quilting group, or mostly of a personal nature will not be eligible for
media credentials.


Local/national newspaper editors/writers

Local/national television crews

  • Present a current press card, business card, bylined article, or letter of assignment. Please note that Market is not open to the general public.

The following are NOT ELIGIBLE for media credentials

  • Non-editorial staff members of magazines. This includes primarily marketing, advertising,
    circulation, or publicity-related positions.
  • Non-editorial staff members of Market exhibitors.
  • Book publishing companies, and editors not actively covering the show.
  • Representatives of video production companies or websites whose content consists solely
    of paid advertorials.



1. What does the Media Ribbon allow me to do?

It entitles you to admission to the show floor, Schoolhouse Series, and business seminars. And to observe Take & Teach classes for a short time (with the exception of faculty who have stated a preference otherwise). You may also utilize the Press Room. It does not allow entry to Sample Spree, or allow you to actively participate in Take & Teach Classes. These must be paid for separately.


2. How Do I Enroll for Media Credentials?

To enroll at the show: Come to the on-site Press Room at the convention center. Bring credential requirements if this is your first time applying for a Media Ribbon.


3. What if I also want to attend Sample Spree or take a Take & Teach class?

In addition to the Media Registration Form, please fill out the Media Priority Enrollment Form. The overall $25 enrollment fee is waived for approved media. Please be cognizant of the pre-enrollment deadline at the top of the form. If you want to do this on-site, please go to the Enrollment Desk to add these events/classes, to the capacity of each.


3. Where can I get the most current show information?


4. What is the Press Room?

The Press Room at the convention center is open only to accredited members of the media. You are allowed to bring in interview subjects, no more than three at one time. Exhibitors may not leave promotional materials in the Press Room.


5. How many media representatives can one company bring?

We limit the number of Media Ribbons to a maximum of four per publication/website/outlet.