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“The Quilt Scout” will offer a fresh, fun look at the art form today

Quilts, Inc. launches exclusive new

Mary Fons column on website

HOUSTON – August 10, 2015 – Quilts, Inc. announced today that Mary Fons will contribute an exclusive column called “The Quilt Scout” twice a month for its Quilts.com website.

“The Quilt Scout” will chronicle, in Fons’ unique voice, her personal journey and experiences in contemporary quilting, along with interviews and humorous observations written in her signature style.

Mary Fons Large.jpg“I am an insatiable quilt history geek, and am fascinated by the industry and the people who work within it,” Fons explains.

“And a scout is a person who goes out and gets information. As a ‘quilt scout,’ I am afforded the opportunity to explore and research my favorite topic to my heart's content without feeling guilty I should be doing something else!”

A writer, lecturer, and quilter, Fons is currently the co-host of the public television series “Love of Quilting” alongside her mother, well-known quilter/author/teacher Marianne Fons. She was the former editor/creative director of the magazine Quilty, and also created an online component geared toward beginning quilters. Her first book, Make + Love: Scrap Quilts for the 21st Century (C&T/Stash Books) was published last year.

“We are very happy to add Mary’s voice to our website, joining Suzanne Labry’s column, ‘Suzy’s Fancy,’ on traditional quilting and quilters,” says Quilts, Inc. founder and president Karey Bresenhan. “And we know that Mary will always find something interesting and fun to write about!”

Fons adds that – by virtue of being born in the early ‘80s – she feels she can connect with women and men who have just discovered the art form, as well as new names and faces on the business side. And she has a foot in both “worlds” of quilting.

“The biggest trend of late is seeing the modern and traditional worlds blending, maybe in the nick of time,” she offers.

“For some years, we had a bit of a standoff between the two groups, which was a shame, but probably only natural. It was like the Protestant Reformation!” she continues. “But traditional quilters can't help but love beautiful quilts of any kind, and a lot of modern quilters are obsessed with quilt blocks now. If people are making quilts, that's good. Period. We forgot that for a minute.”

“The Quilt Scout’s” blend of stories, news, and commentary will represent the style and tone that Fons’ current internet and television audience enjoy and have come to expect from her.

“The story of the American quilt has it all: beauty, pain, secrets, love, community, grief, cooperation, and innovation,” Fons sums up. “I could go on and will, as your devoted Quilt Scout. Connecting with the stories around the quilts we create makes every quilt more beautiful than it was to begin with. And that's pretty beautiful.”

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